Selling Themes & Templates

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Adding Themes & Templates to MOJO

Inside of your MOJO account center is where you can upload your themes and templates. There is a specific upload form that you will need to fill out. Once you have completed the upload form, our review team will review the theme or template and either accept or reject the item depending on set criteria.

Where to Begin


Once you have created an account on MOJO, you will have an account center where you can manage your selling experience. The first step you need to take is activate your StoreFront.

Your StoreFront will open new sections of the account center to you. For example, every seller is given a StoreFront where they can brand their profile on the Marketplace. In addition to your StoreFront, you can see statistics for selling, request to be paid or add products.

My Products

Inside your seller account center you will see a section called My Products. This is where you can select the type of product that you want to add to the Marketplace. To add a theme or template, you will click the below section.



The theme and template upload process is broken down into 4 different steps.

Step 1

The first step is where you select the category of your theme or template and describe what your item does.

  • Select the category of your item
  • Select the sub-category of your item
  • Title of your item
  • Description of your item
  • Demo URL of your item
  • Tags describing your item

Tips for Success

We have learned through years of experience that there are little things you can do to ensure success when selling.

Description: One of the most important elements to your item is having a thorough and descriptive description. If you look at the top selling items, you will notice that they have very elaborate descriptions to help buyers get a better understanding of that product.

Demo URL: Your demo URL is where potential buyers can preview what the item looks like. Majority of all your buyers will preview your items before they purchase them so be sure and make your demo’s really nice. It is important to setup your demo to use high quality images and displays content in every possible way. This is your chance to really show off what your item can do!

Step 2

The second step is where you describe your code and files.

  • Files included in your item
  • Version number of your item
  • Changelog of your item
  • Item Dependencies
  • Compatible Browsers for your item

Step 3

Step 3 is where you add your item assets. These assets include thumbnails and the files that the buyer will download or install.


  • Preview Image of your item – View Example
  • Square Thumbnail of your item – View Example
  • Thumbnail of your item – View Example
  • Large Thumbnail of your item – View Example
  • Screenshots of your item – View Examples


  • Documentation for your item
  • Demo Data for your item
  • Child Theme for your item
  • PSD Files of your item
  • Theme or Template files

Tips for Success

We have learned through years of experience that there are little things you can do to ensure success when selling.

Documentation: Your item documentation is where buyers can learn how to setup & use your product. It is very important that you give a detailed walk through of exactly how to use your product. It is important to remember that your buyers are not programmers so be sure and keep the instructions in common language and with images.

Demo Data: If your item is capable of exporting the content that is in your live demo we encourage you to export it and upload it in a zip file. When you provide the demo data, buyers can easily get their sites up and running.

Child Theme: If your theme or template has the ability to create a child theme, it is important that you upload the zip file of the child theme.

PSD Files: Providing PSD files is not required, but many buyers look for items that include the original design files so they can customize the item to their specific needs. If you have the design files, please add them.

Theme or Template Files: Your theme files are what your buyer will download and install on their server. It is very important that when you upload the theme or template files that you dont include any other files. For example, when a buyer wants to use the MOJO installer, our installer will take the package you have uploaded and process what is inside of the zip file. If there are documentation files or other files in the zip then the installation will not work.

Step 4

The last step is to provide any comments to the review team and agree to the terms of the Marketplace.

  • Comments to the Review Team
  • Is your item Exclusive to MOJO
  • Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Tips for Success

We have learned through years of experience that there are little things you can do to ensure success when selling.

Comments to the Review Team: To finalize your upload, you can leave comments for the review team to better understand your item. It is helpful to mention anything you might have been confused or unsure of.

Exclusive to MOJO: When selling with MOJO, you can either be exclusive or non-exclusive. We ask that your item be exclusive to MOJO so that you can get the higher commission level. If you decide to not be exclusive, your commission rate is lower.