Scripts & Platforms

Your Success is our Success

Scripts & Platforms

At MOJO Marketplace we are incredibly proud of the technology behind our MOJO installer. The scripts and platforms section of the site is our chance to give back to all the platforms that enable our online presence to be what it is.

If you have a script or a platform that you would like to get added into the MOJO Marketplace, we would be happy to take care of that for you. We have a few requirements for getting a script into the marketplace.


Before submitting your script, please review the requirements below.

  • You must own, or have permission to submit the script.
  • Your script or platform must be maintained and updated on a regular basis.
  • Your script of platform must be free to use. There can be addons that are for sale and we encourage the sale of addons through the marketplace but the base product must be free.

Have Questions?

Lastly, if you have questions please don’t be shy. Contact us at